Oh No, Santa lost some presents on his way from the north pole.

Since you are the fittest Elf, it's up to you to help Santa and find the missing presents.

It will not be easy though, you will need to dodge snowballs, jump hedgehogs, and a lot more on this treacherous journey.

Everything, Art, Audio, Programming, UI and Animations were created by a single person trying to start making games for a living, maybe much like yourself, please consider even just a $1 donation, it means a lot.

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not bad but again very awkward controls - why shift and space for dash and jump ? they are miles apart on the keyboard so it makes it very hard to control...

why not use z and x instead ?  i keep seeing such illogical controls in games and really dont understand why devs choose them !

Thank you so much for playing, it means a lot to me! The reason for shift to sprint is so you can keep your left hand on WASD while playing and still use it. I thought space to jump was pretty standard but maybe I'm wrong. I only chose these controls because every game I've played recently, Fortnight, Call of Duty, Ark, Warframe, uses these exact same controls. I should probably add the ability to re-bind keys though. Thanks so much for the feedback!

hi , that sort of makes sense but the main control keys are the arrow keys and the only shift key that works on my keyboard with your game is at the opposite end of the layout , meaning you have to stretch your left little finger and thumb between the shift and spacebar which is very awkward ...

ive never played any of the games you mentioned and doubt i ever will now if thats the control layout ! 

one of the best games for control choice ive ever found is called below kryll , that uses arrow keys , q,w,e and the spacebar which fits ergonomically with the shape of the hand - and feels much more natural !

all the best :)